Our Mission

“To live for the well being of our community”

Our mission is to bring health, life and wellbeing to the communities we live, work and play in.

Our Values


To live our lives in meaningful connected relationships

Community is about living our lives in meaningful connected relationships, demonstrating love, care and concern. This is expressed through each of us committing to stay together through the good and the not so good. At their best, these kinds of relationships speak to us of Christ’s love and concern, and assist us in experiencing His presence and desire to connect with us in our humanity.

In order to facilitate inclusive community value is placed on regular times of communion around a meal table, reflecting the understanding that we are connected to each other. The extension of hospitality, and invitation to find belonging, extends to those who connect to the urbanlife community in many and varied ways.


To live our lives listening to God to become more like Him.   

Spirituality is about living our lives listening to God, for the purpose of becoming more like him. This is found in the early morning prayers and our late night wrestles. It is found in our participation in art and nature. It’s found in our dinner table conversations and our afternoon coffee reflections. In these moments we continually wrestle with his voice and his wisdom for our lives. Primarily it is not our work that binds us together or the fact that we meet week after week on a Sunday morning. It is the Holy Spirit who binds us and empowers us to love, to care, to call and to respond.


To live our lives as people sent by God  into the world.

Mission is about us living our lives sent into the world by God, with his mission and purpose. This is not only expressed in our corporate response, but also in the daily lives of urbanlifer’s as we wrestle with the idea that God has planted us in our workplaces, schools and our neighborhoods as missionaries. We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the people we live and work amongst.